The S-word

As in “salvation.” It’s one of those terms that can make a Unitarian Univeralist shift uncomfortably in his seat. A while back, I wrote an open letter to my faith explaining why I wasn’t in the UU meetinghouse for a year now – and why I don’t think I’ll be back very soon. One of

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Stop the presses! Or for something we all kinda guessed back when the first iPhones sold out.

I get a lot of press releases. A lot. I used to forward the funny (or creepy) ones to my colleagues. These days, I’m sharing them on my Google+ stream. Because my colleagues don’t like spam (imagine that!) This one, though, merits a Wondertwisted treatment. This one came from TeleNav, a company that might have

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My Girl Friday: Viola Davis

Another supporting actress to cheer for: Viola Davis. She appears in The Help as Aibileen Clark, which opened in theatres on Wednesday. I’ve been watching Davis for years. I noticed her in Traffic, Antwone Fisher and handed her my heart when she played Mrs. Miller in Doubt. Davis understands a thing or two about restraint.

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Love conquers all

(This review of the final Harry Potter film was first published in the July 14th edition of DentonTime, the weekly arts magazine of the Denton Record-Chronicle.) We all knew it would come to this. In the eighth and final film of the Harry Potter franchise, the Boy Who Lived must face his death at the

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Just scrub the damn toilet.

It happens once every few years. I get an e-mail from some poor soul who feels utterly betrayed by one of Denton’s nonprofit theater companies. How were these folks mistreated? Not by a testy director or their cast mates, and they aren’t up in arms over questionable content in a script. The problem is that someone

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A “Dear John” Letter to Unitarian Universalism

I’ve really been wrestling with my future in the Unitarian Universalist movement. I’ve talked with other UUs — people who are smarter and more disciplined than I. I’ve prayed about it. Yes, prayed . I’ve waffled. I’ve read books about humanism. I’ve re-read parts of the Bible that scare me. I’ve lain awake at night

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My Girl Friday: Parker Posey

Posey brings an awareness to the screen that makes her a joy to watch. And we lift our Friday stein to a woman who has championed quirky, wacky, adventurous and smart girls in film, a medium that talks down to women way, way too often.

How E! Entertainment infiltrates the church

The tyranny of beauty — which is now thoroughly integrated into the Western obesity panic and shady signifiers of “health” — can surely be felt in religious culture.

Really, Katy Perry? Seriously?

Katy Perry reportedly shook her finger at Le Gaga (as I like to call her) via twitter. She said using blasphemy as entertainment is on par with a comedian telling a fart joke… But that’s not what piqued my interest. It was Perry’s follow up, rebutting her critics by saying sexuality and spirituality are separate things. You see, someone suggested Perry was being a touch hypocritical. In her latest video, she wears a cupcake bra, licks a pastry like she’s in love with it and then appears in a bra that shoots whipped cream out of the nipples.

What kind of scripture study does your UU congregation offer?

So, UUs, tell me what your congregation offers in the way of scriptural instruction? How involved is your minister? And does your congregation engage guests with credentials to teach a holy scripture?

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